Saturday, June 28, 2014

Formal Observation Follow Up

I had my formal observation follow-up with my principal this week.  I like that we are asked to determine two areas that I need to work on for the following year.  Here is what we decided:

1) Questioning techniques need development to engage all students in using their brains to the fullest.

My first thought is to turn to my online colleagues and get their advice.  I'm looking for a book to read to help me in this area.  John Golden (@mathhombre) did suggest that I read Mosaic of Thought.  I will have to look into this more, it seems very interesting.

The universe works in strange ways.  Just as I was asking for a book to help me with my questioning skills, I received one....for free.  I attended a conference for the wrap up of a 4-year study on standards-based grading that I was a part of.  They gave each attendee a copy of Implementing the Common Core State Standards through Mathematical Problem Solving - High School. 

Hopefully by the end of summer, I'll have some good news for you on my new-found questioning skills.  

2) Explaining PARLO to families has dropped off since it is an expected practice and they are not shocked by it.  Continual efforts to promote proficiency based learning may help to expand it.  In addition, Mrs. Oswald and JTAHS will benefit by more self promotion of her numerous efforts and methods to help students learn.  

I have to admit, I haven't been communicating with families as much as I should.  To be honest, I think the only contact I had with parents this past year was if there was a problem.

Not only do I need to contact specific parents individually about their child, I believe I need to have something that is similar to a newsletter.  I'm thinking about a twitter hashtag that the parents, students, and I could use to have a whole group discussion about what is happening in class.  Maybe even setting up some twitter chats with the parents/students would work.  I can't get them to come in for parent-teacher conferences, but maybe I can get them to go to their laptop. ?????  Anyone try something like this?

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Line Game, The Parabola Game, The Sine Game, Domain Rangers

If you weren't able to participate in the Global Math Department Webinar this past Tuesday (June 17th), you can still view it and see all the comments here.  Or you can see it below:

As promised in the webinar, here is the blog post that contains information on the games I spoke about:

The Line Game:

Here are the links that contain the materials you will need to play The Line Game, The Parabola Game, or the Sine Game.  

Domain Rangers:

Here is a link to the files.  This link also contains the next lesson that use in class after playing the game.

Here is a link to the video of me and Bob playing Domain Rangers.  I found that it's easier to explain while playing the game.  

Bounty Hunger:

I really don't have much information to share about Bounty Hunter at this moment.  The plan is to have something digital near the beginning of the next school year (2014-15).  Until then, we'll wait patiently.  

Monday, June 9, 2014

Okay Games Vs. Captivating Games

On Tuesday, June 17th, I will be conducting a presentation through the Global Math Department about the difference between okay games and engaging games.  I will also go through some of the classroom games I have created in more detail so you have something you can use in your own classes.

Right now I'm working on a blog post that will have all the documents for you to use based on the presentation.

I hope you can join us.  Tuesday, June 17th  9:00 - 10:00.

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