Monday, January 27, 2014

Bounty Hunter: Pre-First Meeting

I have something rather large going on in my life right now: my classroom game Bounty Hunter is going digital.  I will meet with my team of four this week to begin the first stages of this entire operation.

This all started from a workshop about creating classroom games and one of the items emphasized there was that the game needs to work on a very small topic.  I decided to work on slope.  More specifically, that slope is how something changes.  I can stand in the front of the room and talk about this change and the word "per" or "for each" or "for every" but many times it just doesn't click for the students.

Bounty Hunter is about putting the students in that situation.  Slope is how the students move in this game.  They need to think ahead and ponder their game piece movement in order to have any success in this game.

I am thrilled to have something digital to use in my classroom next year.  I have 6 sets of the physical game (game board, game pieces, cards, etc) but it is so time consuming to teach the students how to play, and make sure that they are reinforcing the correct answer, rather than a wrong answer.  The digital game will help so much with that.  Because it's digital, we can add a tutorial, and students would be unable to move incorrectly according to their slope because the program will not allow it.

My first meeting with my team is this Wednesday.  I will keep you updated....

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