Friday, October 5, 2012

One-at-a-Time Problems....Again

I wrote about my one-at-a-time problems last spring.

In this post I stated that things went well and I didn't see much room for improvement.  But I found some room.  

First, instead of the students just checking off when a problem is complete, I asked them to color-code each problem.  They were to respond to the question, "If this problem were to show up on a test tomorrow how would you do?"  They colored that block in green if they would be able to complete the problem with no struggles, yellow if they would have some trouble, and red if they wouldn't even know where to begin.  

Below you can see the results from one of my classes.  You can see that the first student struggled with the first two problems, was very confused on the third problem, and then created a new color category for the fourth problem.  That's all he was able to finish within the class period.  

I did have students finish early, but then they were assigned as teachers to help other students who were struggling.  I've been emphasizing this year about students helping other who are struggling.  Because of this I believe that my students feel more comfortable not only offering help to struggling students, but also accepting and asking for help from others.  

The chart above gives me a lot more information then my previous chart.  Not only can I see which students didn't finish, I can see which problems they struggled with.  I know that I need to focus on more problems like numbers 3 and 4.  

My roll remained as the person who determined if the problems were correct or not and to hand out the next problem.

One last thing.  As far as organization goes, I gave each student an envelope with 3 holes punched in it so the students could keep their problems in the envelope and the envelope in their binders.  


  1. Would it be okay if I posted this onto Pintrest? I think this is wonderful enough to share with other teachers on the web I don't know.