Wednesday, May 16, 2012

One Question at a Time; Revisited

Percents:  Download the activity here -->  One at a Time Activity

A few weeks ago, I did my One-at-a-Time Activity.  You can read about that here.

I tried this activity again this week with more success.  Here are the changes that I made:

1) I did post a chart at the front of the board where the students would check off if they successfully completed a set of problems or not.  All the students were cooperative with this except for one.  Not sure what his story is; he wasn't talking that day.

2) The answers to the problems were used elsewhere.  If you download the activity that I did, you will see that pages 2-5 are the problems, page 1 is new problems created from the other problems.  Just download it, you'll see.  I believe this in itself was helpful in motivating students to finish.  There was an end in sight and an end product.

3) I made sure the students kept all papers, stapled them, and handed them in at the end of class.

4) I did allow students who finished first to take over my job of checking answers and providing feedback.  The students loved this.  Not only the ones who took over my job, but the remaining students liked going to their peers for feedback.

Next time:
I don't know that I will improve on this too much for next time.  It seems to be working the way I would like right now.  Another bonus to this activity is that I don't have grading outside of class time.  It's all taken care of in class.  Fist pump!!

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