Thursday, May 3, 2012

One Question at a Time, Please!

Usually I like to collect students' work at the end of class, look over what they need more work with, then make my plans for the next day.  The problem: Those students who make the same mistake on every problem.  If I had only noticed this with their first question, I could have redirected them.  But I didn't.  And I need to.

Here is how I modified it:  I give the students one problem at a time and the problems get progressively more challenging.  Here's how it works.  I give the students a problem and they work on it at their seats.  When they are finished they bring the problem to me.  If they are correct I hand them the next problem.  If they were incorrect, I clear up any misconceptions and send them back to their seat to make corrections.

I correct any misconceptions before they practice it the wrong way multiple times.
Students may get a little competitive and want to be the person who did the most problems.

Some students get lost in the shuffle.  I'm so busy that I don't notice if some students get past the first problem or not.
At the end of class, I don't have anything tangible as a way of knowing what they know.
Some students finish all the problems and have nothing to do.
I'm too busy!!!

Possible solutions to my cons:
Students lost in the shuffle:  One possibility is to have a chart on the board and students place a check mark next to their name when they get a problem correct.  Any thoughts here?

Any why am I so busy?  One thing I brought back with me from the conference "The person doing all the work is doing all the learning".  

Nothing Tangible:  I have the chart to see who finished and who fell behind.

Students who finish early:  The students could take over my job when they complete all the problems.

I will give this another try and see what happens.  Stay posted for an update.  Anyone try this?  Have any suggestions?

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