Sunday, November 10, 2013

Edugaming Wrap Up - I'm Going Digital

I love being in the classroom, but I fantasize about being an educational game designer.  Yesterday was the wrap-up day for the edugaming conference.  Over the summer, educators from my IU area sat in on activities and presentations on gaming in the classroom for 4 full, fantastic days.  We created, play-tested, brainstormed, and networked.  Our assignment was to take the games we made back to our classroom, play them, and then share the results on the wrap up day (yesterday).

This was my third year participating in the conference and you can tell I had total buy in because the first time you participate you receive a stipend.  You can only receive that stipend once after that, it's only free food.  So, I participated the past two years out of sheer enjoyment (not financial gain).

The first year I created Bounty Hunter - this game was almost picked up by Muzzy Lane, but the small business grant was not approved :(

The second year, four of us created The Tile FACTORy.  I blogged about that here and here.

This past summer I created Domain Rangers.  I blogged about that game here.

Then there are a few others that I created Like Snakes on a Coordinate Plane that practices transformation of graphs.  I haven't blogged about this one yet.

I'm currently working on a game that helps reinforce polynomial graphs with their end behavior and zeros.

I feel that every game I created would be so much better if it was digital.  So, I looked into that.  With a  $20,000 - $30,000 price tag, I decided to wait.

Now for the exciting news.  The people who applied for the edugaming grant are also computer programming professors at the local community college, LCCC.  They have applied for another grant that allows their programming students to partner with us teachers who have created games and make them digit!  We have set up a meeting to discuss which and how many of my games I want to go digit (for now) and how many students I'll need working on each game.

I look forward to keeping you updated on this endeavor and hopefully have something digital to share with all of you in the near future.

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