Data Analysis Game

Here are my first thoughts on a Data Analysis game.  Any suggestions and/or comments are welcome!

CLICK HERE to see a video of a few rounds of play.  

Topic: Median, Mode, Range, Lower Quartile, Upper Quartile, and Interquartile Range

Course: Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1

Players: 2 - 4 (don't go crazy here)


8 dice (6-sided), tokens, Data Goal Cards 

Set up:

Shuffle the Data Goal Cards and place facedown on the playing surface to create a draw pile.

Turn the top 4 cards face up.

Place one token next to each face up card.

Give the 8 dice to the first player.

Game Play:

The first player rolls all 8 dice keeping any that he wishes.  He may re-roll the dice at total of 3 times (like Yahtzee).  After the 3rd roll, he uses 6 of the dice to create a set of data.  The other 2 dice are set to the side. 

For each Data Goal Card that his dice match, he takes those tokens.  

For each Data Goal Card that was matched, it is placed in a discard pile and another card is drawn from the deck to replace it.

Add one token next to each face up card.  Note - the cards that were not matched will start to have multiple token next to them, making them more desirable.  

Pass the dice to the next player.


After a certain amount of time, the player with the most tokens is the winner.


If a player's data set has more than one mode, it is still a match if one of them matches the goal.

Data Goal Cards stay in place until a player matches it.

Tokens will start to pile up for challenging goal cards making them more desirable.