After Hours: End Table Flip

 Every day I sit down at my computer wanting to blog about something, anything.  But this school year has been so trying that I don't feel I have anything worthwhile to share (or positive for that matter).

How about instead I don't write about education?  I'm doing to start writing about what I do after hours, what I think about all day long until the 3:00 bell rings and unlocks the door to my cage: my craft room/garage/tool room.  

It all started with someone asking me, "How did you make that?"  I would try to explain, while talking with my hands the whole time.  Later I decided that videos were the way to go.  

My latest project was this end table that I purchased from Facebook marketplace for $10.

I started by cleaning and scuff sanding the whole table. While doing so, I found the table needed a few minor repairs.  After the repairs, I painted the table white then added popsicle sticks.  Yes popsicle sticks.  Oh my goodness!  Check this out:

I am seriously in LOVE!  Just look at that transformation.  
For those of you who want to see the step by step procedure, check out my video HERE.  

What do you all do after hours that keeps you sane?