Feeding 5000? People with Desmos Computation Layer

 You remember the scripture about Jesus feeding 5000 people?  Matthew 14: 13-21.  I was thinking about this the other day while stumbling through creating a desmos activity with computation layer (CL).

I remember thinking, "I wish someone would just create a video course for beginners on how to use CL."  Then I remembered that I am someone.  THEN I remembered that I don't know CL.  But I do love hearing myself talk :)   Maybe one day, when I know what I'm doing, I'll go and create this.  But not now....I would be making a fool of myself creating videos on a topic I know so very little about.  

That's when the little boy in the scripture popped into my mind.  I can only imagine how he must have felt going up to Jesus and offering his little basket of food.  Like a fool.  He had so little to give.  There is no way that little bit could feed so many.....and yet it did!

So, even if I'm making a fool of myself, I'm going to create videos as I learn CL.  If these videos only help me learn, that's okay.  But if Jesus decides to take these humble videos and feed 5000 with them, that's even better.  

I created a page to post all the links to my videos.  CLICK HERE for that.