Desmos Computation Layer - Lesson 1 - Card Sort Student Feedback

 I've been playing around with Desmos Computation Layer for just a few weeks (ok months), and I wasn't able to find any videos that were for complete noobs like me.   I felt that I spent a lot of time making mistakes and annoying everyone on the forum with my noob questions.  

Desmos Computation Layer is so powerful that I think every teacher should learn how to use it.  I created a short video for those who have created activities at but know nothing about computation layer.  

This first video will show you how to give feedback to your students in a card sort.  

If this video is helpful to you and you want more, please let me know.

CLICK HERE to watch this through youtube.


  1. Thank you so much. I made my own card sort last night, and it was so easy with your video!


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