The Tile FACTORy and a Request

The Tile FACTORy is a game that I've been working on in a team of four and thought I would ask for your input.  This is a game that practices the skills of recognizing/creating factorable quadratics and factoring those quadratics.

Players in the game are workers in a tile factory and a trying to collect as many tiles as possible.

Here are the rules for the game.

I created my tile boards in file folders, but you could just give each student the paper copy.

Cover Sheet

 Blank Tile Board

Tile Board with a factorable trinomial 

 The Tile Board with factorable trinomial and factorization.

Here is the tile board and cover sheet if you want to put it in a file folder. You will need one for each student.

You will need to create the game cards or tiles as I like to call them.  You will need the following:

Now for the "Request" part of my post title:

First, I would love your feedback on this game.  Any suggestions that you have are welcome.  If you play this game with your students, what did you think?  What did they think?  Do you believe the game was beneficial?  Did you change anything?  Do students ask to play it again?

I did create a pre- and post- test for my own students that you are welcome to use.  Sharing those results with me are optional but definitely welcome.




I played this game with my students, you can see the results here.


  1. I stumbled upon your blog through happenstance and now I find I'm unable to leave. I am a high school special education teacher that specializes in math. I am always looking for new ways to present material to my kids. As you well know, students learn at different levels and have different needs. Thank you for helping me integrate many new ideas into my classes.

  2. I agree with Megan, I'm hooked! I'm assuming on this game that the "cards" that have been picked up off of the board are placed in that player's pile and not used again? I can't wait to try it with my students!


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