#Made4Math August 27 Discriminant Foldable

A few days ago I listened in on an online conference about foldables with @jreulbach.  
You too can hear and participate in these at Big Marker.

Since then, I have been spinning my wheels about what foldables I could use in my own classroom.  Here is my first attempt.

You can download the file here.

I took @jreulbach's suggestion to have some of the foldable typed up ahead of time.  

My foldable is about the discriminant.  
The upper left quarter is about the formula, where it comes from and why it work.
The upper right is information when the discriminant = 0
The lower left is when the discriminant > 0
The lower right is when the discriminant < 0.

Upper Left 

Upper Right

Lower Left

Lower Right


  1. Totally stealing this one :) Thank you for sharing! It looks awesome :)

  2. I like this! Hope you don't mind if I borrow it :). Thanks

  3. This is great! I am going to use this in class tomorrow!
    Thanks :-)

  4. We used this in my classroom this year. Thanks for sharing!

  5. should it be -20/12 = -5/3 and 18/12 = 3/2 for the two solutions example? not -3/2. I want to make sure I'm not missing something. I love this example and the foldable is a great tool. Thanks

  6. This foldable was a great visual organizer for my daughter. She made one to use and it was really helpful.


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