Exponent Game and Made4Math

It's Monday and I said I would participate in Made4Math.  I'm in game mode right now and I though we could work on a game together.

At the Edugaming workshop, I saw this going on at a nearby table and it got me thinking to my own game about exponents:

So far this game on the laws of exponents is a little quizzy.  That is, a question is presented and an answer is requested.  The advantage of this game is that there is more than one right answer and that is what makes it a little less quizzy.

Yes, I made up a word: quizzy.

A file folder for each student playing.
A piece of paper for each student playing.
The game cards.  You can find them here.  Make a few copies of the game cards, laminate if possible.
You will also need something for fraction bars/division (toothpicks) and multiplication (buttons).
Another piece of paper to keep score on.

Game Play:
This is negotiable.
Place students in groups of 3 to 4.
Give each student a few toothpicks, buttons, parenthesis, and their own set of exponents (2 - 9).
Shuffle the rest of the cards and deal 5 to each student.  (I haven't play-tested this game yet, so I'm not sure if 5 cards to too few, too many, or just right.  This is where you come in and help me make this game better.)
The rest of the deck is placed face-down and the first card is flipped over.
Each student had a file fold set up in front of them so that the other students can't see what they are working on.  (If the students are new to the law of exponents they could work in partners and/or have the laws printed on the inside of the file folder for reference).
With the cards they were dealt, the buttons, toothpicks, and exponents, the students create an expression equal to the card that is face up in the middle.
I would have the students create their expressions on top of a piece of paper.  This way when they want to show the other students their work, they can easily rotate the paper without messing up their expression.

Earning Points:
Again negotiable.
1 point for each card used.
1 point for each toothpick, button, and exponent card.
Student with the most points wins.

I was also thinking about making scoring similar to the game Scategories.  Where if another student has exactly what you have, neither student gets any points.


How would you use this in your classroom?
If you do use this, what were your results?
Is there a story that could go along with this game?
Anyone try it as a whole class?
Other thoughts, suggestions?


  1. Thanks! Welcome to #made4math mondays!!! I can't wait to try this out...then I'll let you know how we did. :-)

  2. Very nice! Thanks for sharing!


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