Dysfunctional Emojis Game

This is just a little game I had buzzing around in my head for a few weeks now.  Since I've gotten better at playingcards.io, I decided to create it and see where it takes me.  

The players are creating tables with emojis.  Player goals change each round.  Sometime creating a function (not one-to-one) is the best option, sometimes creating a non-function is.  

As always, constructive criticism is always welcome!  🥶 🤪 😎 😇

Click here for the files.

To import the game into playingcards.io:

  1. Download this file (you don't need to open it, I click and drag the file to my desktop)
  2. Go to playingcards.io
  3. Click on Custom Room
  4. Click on Start Game
  5. Click on Enter
  6. Click on the toolbox/briefcase (left side of screen)
  7. Click on Room Options
  8. Click on Import from File
  9. Select the file and TA-DA, you have your own copy of the game.  


  1. Getting the lowest points you qualify for is a really interesting mechanic. Wondering if there's other qualities that could go in the points deck. Not one-to-one... 3 distinct outputs or inputs... hmm.


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