Absolutely Valuable is DIGITAL!!!!

I am proud to announce that my game, Absolutely Valuable, is digital.  You and your students can play it on a computer.

Click here to play.

I created a video run-through on how to play.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH THAT.

Every year I work with the computer programing and art students at a nearby community college to take one of my classroom games and make it digital.  This is the second game to actually get finished, but the first that is sharable!!!  

For those who are not familiar with my game Absolutely Valuable, it is a game that helps students practice solving absolute value equations.  BUT, it's not quiz-like in nature.  

The college students have one semester to create the game.  As you can image, there is a lot that needs to happen in order for a computer game to finish in one semester.  First, the students have to work together (which this team obviously did).  The students also need to learn the necessary programming and how to play the game.  They create all of the art, play-test, and periodically check in with me as well.  The students did an amazing job.  But there are a few things I would tweak, one I want to point out to you.  Do you see the mistake?  I didn't notice it right away.  Yeah, the second absolute value bar.  It's position is wrong.  So, if you play this with your students, please make them aware of that.  

I hope you all enjoy this game.  Please let me know what you think.  ENJOY!!!


  1. Looks pretty cool! One thing, shouldn't the absolute value symbol that is on the far right be before the = sign?

    |x-_ | = _
    |x-_ = _ |

    Pretty cool that it is digital though! Will definitely be playing with my class.

    1. Oh, and would be cool if there were a way to check what gems others have so I know which to decrease and increase the value of.

    2. You and I are thinking alike!! Those are both on my list of tweaks.


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