Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Writing Linear Equations (Days 3 and 4)

Yesterday (day 3) I had a substitute cover my afternoon classes so that I could attend my own children's parent-teacher conferences.  So, I left a worksheet for my students to practice writing equations.  Here is a link to the worksheet if you're interested.  The posters will still available for the students to use as a model.

Today (day 4) I did nothing.  Well, in period 6 I did nothing and the student worked hard.  In period 7 I ran around the room begging students to do work and they came up with any excuse they could to do nothing.  I gave them 6 problems and the period to get things done.  Here are the 6 problems:

1) Write the equation of the line that has a y-intercept of 4 and an x-intercept of -6.
y = 2/3x + 4

2) Write the equation of the line that has a y-intercept of 7 and a slope of -4/3.
y = -4/3x + 7

3) Write the equation of the line that has an x-intercept of 2 and a slope of -4
y = -4x + 8

4) Write the equation of the line that has a slope of 3/2 and passes through the point (4, 5).
y = 3/2x - 1

5) Write the equation of the line that passes through the points (-4, 3) and (2, -9).
y = -2x - 5

6) Write the equation of this graph:
Graph created on desmos.com

y = -1/2x + 6

I printed the problems each on it's own paper so the students could easily share and rearrange the problems with each other. 

I heard one girl shout, "Oh yes!  I'm going to desmos for help!"  I took a picture of her screen to prove it.  

Students hard a work, me lazy with an iPad.

I mixed together problems that we have covered in class and problems we have not.  I found it interesting that some groups struggled with number 2 where the slope and y-intercept were given, while others realized to go straight to the answer.

The conversations were fantastic again (in 6th period anyway).  One group was getting quite aggressive in their explanations of how to do the problems, but I love to see students so passionate about Algebra.

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