Friday, November 4, 2016

Absolute Value Equation Stations

For the next few days in the class, my students will be working on different assignments to practice and learn about Absolute Value Equations.  I did this last year, but had some tweaking to do, so I thought I would share it again.  Here is the link to last year's lesson.

What changed from last year.  The students don't have to complete every single station.  I made this activity worth 50 points, but there is a total of 68 points they can earn.  All points earned over 50 will be included in the XP category (read more about that here).

I no longer include the answer with each station.  That wasn't an issue last year, but if I'm grading on correctness this year I didn't feel it was a good idea to leave the answers.

I did change the worksheet.  I was rushed last year and just printed the first one I found online.  This year's version is much better.

Absolute Value Equation Stations

Each station is worth a certain amount of points.  Students must earn a minimum of 50 points to complete the activity.  Any excess points are awarded to their XP category.

Station 1:  Play Absolutely Valuable (10 points)

Station 2:  Worksheet (10 points)

Station 3:  Challenge Questions (each question answered correctly is worth 3 points)

Station 4:  Error Analysis (each problem analyzed correctly is worth 2 points)

Station 5:  Card Sort (worth 8 points if completely correct)

Station 6:  Educreations Video (worth 16 points)

Here is a link to the materials.  The link for the game is above.

I've been trying to make lessons that follow more of what I read in Drive by Daniel Pink.  This setup allows for that.  The students pick which stations they want to complete, they pick who they work with, they pick the technique they want for the problems (graphically or algebraically) and the video (Educreations or something else), mastery (those challenging problems are something to master), time (they can choose to work on this at home), and purpose (the videos will be available for others to watch).

Here are some pictures from today's classes:

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