Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Bring Your child to Work Day

My youngest son is in Kindergarten this year and I decided he was old enough to accompany me to work this year on Bring-Your-Child-To-Work day.  He and I have been excited about this for weeks.  I was so wired that I practically jumped out of bed that morning when my alarm went off.  And he was so excited that he was ready a half hour earlier than normal.

Yup, he wanted to wear a crown and a cape.  But he's not too far off; teachers are super heroes and royalty.  

I know the shirt's too big for him, but the school was kind enough to give him the smallest size they have so he could participate in our dress down day.  All students, teachers, and staff have this shirt and we try to have everyone wear it on these days.  

We were invited to a Biology class to see sheep eyes being dissected during my prep.  It wasn't as bad as I thought.  Actually, the inside of a sheep's eye is very colorful.  We learned that the choroid looks something like this:

I wanted to make sure that the day's lessons continued and my son had a chance to participate.  He greeted students at the door, handed out papers, collected papers, put starts on students' work, and took attendance.  

He really enjoyed the day and I was worried about him having a lot of energy left over from not having recess, but I couldn't be more wrong.  He fell asleep early that night and had a lot of trouble waking up the next morning.  

When I came in the next day by myself I felt so lonely. It's strange how having him there just one day made a strong emotion in my like that.  It really hit me when I saw his hand-writing desk plate:

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