Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Play Bounty Hunter on Desmos

I'm very excited to tell you that you can now play Bounty Hunter on Desmos.  Bounty Hunter was created to help students determine the slope of lines.  I created a digital replica of the board and game pieces, but please note that it is not a video game.  The digital board only includes the things that all players can see, it does not include the individual player's hands.  You will still need to create the cards (index cards work great).  So, instead of students sitting around a board, they will sit around a computer.

Why digital?

  • Not all games end when the bell rings.  With this game on desmos, students can save their game and continue at a later time, rather than having to put all the pieces back in the box.
  • For some reason, this game board gets knocked around a lot and the pieces go everywhere.  Not with digital.
  • It's cheap and fast and little.  No materials to buy, no materials to create, and no classroom storage space needed (other than the cards).

Here is the link to the game.

A video explaining the set up and what all the stuff is:

A list of the cards you will need to make.

Total of 52 cards
15 cards with "1" written on them
15 of "2"
10 of "3"
8 of "4"
4 of "5"

Again, the cards don't have to be anything fancy, index cards will do.

A video of game play:

I forgot to mention in the video, that the Bounty Hunters (green and orange) may not land on the the jewel thieves' spawn spaces (blue and red).

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