Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What would be a Great Question for this Lesson? - Simple Reminders

When I saw this week's blogging initiative prompt, I immediately felt guilty.  I don't ask great questions anymore.  I ask easy questions.  I do that because, well because it's easier.  I use to ask great questions.  Actually, when I taught Pre-Calculus I would have a paper at the end of each lesson plan with this question at the top and add to it each year.  The question was simple, "What would be a great question for this lesson?"  That's it.  It was a simple reminder to ask great questions.

If I thought of a question during the lesson or a student asked a great question, I would write it down on that paper.  I copied the question on green paper so it would be easy to find.  Then anytime throughout the year when I thought of (or saw on Twitter) a great question, I knew where to record it.

Once I passed my lesson plans along to the new Pre-Calculus teacher, I forgot all about that paper.  I believe it's time to resurrect it.

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