Thursday, July 23, 2015

Paradox of Choice

Every time I attend a gaming workshop, I am reminded to limit the choices that my players will have.  "It will paralyze them."  They say.  "There are too many options and the players freeze."  They say.  Yeah, yeah...I hear them.  I get it and I limit player choice.

And then it happened to me.

Today I had nothing to do, nothing pressing anyway.  The possibilities were endless and it was just me and my two sons.  Should we go to the park?  Maybe a bike ride?  Or a hike might be nice?  Maybe we should try out a new playground?  But sometimes playing in your own backyard is fun too?  I do need to go to Walmart and get a few things?  What about some board games at the dining room table?  I really should clean out my closet?  I could make some meals and freeze them for the school year?  What about the game I'm working on, that needs tweaking?  I didn't finish my library book and that's due back soon, should I relax on the porch and read that?  Teach the dog a new trick?

So as I'm considering all these options, I'm overwhelmed and we did NOTHING for the entire morning.  I wasted an entire morning because I had too many options.  After lunch I got my act together and took the boys to the playground, but for crying out loud.  This paradox is real.

Then I did some searching and I found an entire book about this paradox of choice.  Click here to see that.  (I did not read this book, so I have no opinion).

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