Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Algebra 1 Curriculum Next Year

I'm tired of trying to cover all of the Algebra 1 material.  Mostly because it never happens and I always feel like a failure.  Thinking that I can cover all of the material and then not doing it is really crushing my ego.  Our school uses a traditional schedule of 45 minutes periods and 4 marking periods a year.  I'm going to eliminate some outcomes and try to cover the remaining ones really well.  So, here's my plan for next year:

Quarter 1 (Solving Linear Equations and Inequalities)

Outcome 3 - Combining Like Terms and One-Step Equations
Outcome 4 - Multi-Step Equations
Outcome 5 - Equations with Variables on Both Sides
Outcome 7 - One-Variable Inequalities
Outcome 8 - Compound Inequalities
If there's time:  Outcome 9 - Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities

Quarter 2 (Graphing)

Outcome 15 - Patterns
Outcome 16 - Domain and Range
Outcome 17 - Graphing with Tables and Intercepts
Outcome 18 - Slope and Slope-Intercept
Outcome 19 - Writing Linear Equations

Quarter 3 (Systems)

Outcome 20 - Applications of Writing Linear Equations (I hope I can fit this in the 2nd Quarter)
Outcome 21 - Graphing Two-Variable Inequalities
Outcome 24 - Systems of Graphing
Outcome 25 - Systems of Inequalities
Outcome 26 - Systems by Substitution
Outcome 27 - Systems by Elimination

Quarter 4 (Polynomials)

Outcome 28 - Applications of Systems (I hope to move this to Quarter 3)
Outcome 29 - Operations with Polynomials
Outcome 30 - GCF & LCM of Monomials, Factoring
Outcome 31 - Solving Polynomial Equations
Outcome 32 - Operations with Rational Expressions


  1. Does your curriculum include exponential functions or quadratics? I feel rushed in Algebra every year and my students often need multiple days for each topic.

    1. It doesn't include exponential functions, but it does include some quadratics, like factoring and solving factorable quadratics, but that's all.