Monday, June 8, 2015

2014-15 Keep, Change/Add, Drop


  1. I liked having all of my lessons online.  If anything, it took away some students' excuses about being absent.  
  2. Tweeting and blogging.  I need to keep in touch with all of you, it has changed my career for the better.
  3. Challenging myself.  I feel that my best teaching took place when our department had regular PLCs.  Although the district cannot fund this, I need to keep challenging myself like the others did during the PLCs.


  1. I can't expect students to be responsible to work through the curriculum at their own pace.  It was too much of a disaster this year.  I think I will give more specific direction next year than I did this year.  But, I'm not giving up flipped mastery all together.
  2. More games!!  My students learn better when we play games.  Check out my collection of classroom games here.
  3. More technology.  Next year our district is going 1:1. I want to incorporate more projects, more formative assessment, and just more tech knowledge for the students.
  4. Students-to-student interaction.  This past year I thought the students would work together more if they were on the same outcome, but mostly the only time they interacted with each other was when they were off task.  
  5. Read more.  I know there are book discussions on twitter, but I haven't been participating.  That needs to change.  Any suggestions for a good book?


  1. Total Flipped Mastery.  It will still be available for students who request it but I'm not going to do that the whole year.  Maybe a day here and a day there.  It does make for great sub plans.  
  2. I'm going to stop worrying what other people think.  If I want to try something in my class, I'm going to try it.  I have to stop worrying that admin, other teachers, students, or even parents might not agree.

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