Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Linear Equation Card Sort - Day 3

Yes, three days of sorting cards.  Is it worth it?  I sure hope so...

Read about day 1 here.

Read about day 2 here.

Now, that it's day 3, I'm giving more responsibility to the students.  We have sorted cards, we have talked about the different methods to go about sorting these cards, and now the students will create their own 'set' of cards.

Each group was given 6 index cards and a paper clip.  They were to write their names on 1 of the index cards and create matching cards with the other 5: Slope-Intercept, Standard Form, Table, Intercepts, and Graph.
I finally decided to give them a grade for this activity.  If students were successful with creating a set of cards, they received High Performance for that outcome.

Check out their work:

This partnership didn't do too shabby.  You can see that I need to have discussions with them about the intercepts, and about more information shown on their graph.


Here's one more example:

Again, with the intercepts.  This was a useful piece of formative assessment.  If I had only completed the card sort with the students, I would have thought they understood intercepts.  However, this clearly shows that my students don't quite understand them like I would hope.

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