Friday, March 27, 2015

Dressing Like a Professional - With Help

I have recently been introduced to the company Stitch Fix.  Have you heard of them?  It's a company where a personal stylist will send you 5 items (clothing and/or accessories) and you decide what you want to keep.  The catch?  You pay $20, then that $20 is credited to your account.  So, you get your money back anyway.  If you decide to keep all 5 items, they apply a 25% discount.

I have received 2 fixes so far and LOVE both.  I find that when I go clothing shopping, I end up buying basically the same thing all the time.  Stitch fix takes me out of my comfort zone and I am finding all sorts of clothing styles that I love.  My students have noticed a change in me as well.  They asked me if I bought a whole new wardrobe, that I've been looking very stylish lately.  Actually, I have kept a total of 5 items from Stitch Fix, but have been more adventurous with the clothing I already own.

Anyway, I wanted to share this with all of you incase you were interested in joining.  Click here to sign up, even if you're not ready to start just yet.  You can always schedule a delivery later.


  1. What are the price ranges? Is it affordable?

    1. When you fill our your profile, you can give them price ranges to suit you.