Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Clash of Clans Lesson - Writing & Solving Linear Equations

Last week, I talked to my students about Clash of Clans.  I've had this idea for a lesson for a while now, but never actually used it...until last week.

Here is the slide show if you are interested in using it.  Here is a link for the google slide.

I knew that some of my students were not familiar with the game, and tried to introduce them to this lesson as simply as possible.  But there was much resistance from the students who were unfamiliar.  My theory is that they were frustrated from not understanding immediately as some of their peers did, and wanted to shut down right from the beginning.  That's just my theory.

The bright side is that some students were so engaged, that they were excitedly talking to me about the game.  One student kept saying over and over that this is the best lesson ever.

Here is some student work for your viewing pleasure, warts and all:

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