Monday, October 14, 2013

#MTBoS Week 2 - Twitter

I'm relatively new to Twitter (like a little over a year) and I'm still not sure how I feel about it.  I've been on Facebook for a few years and that seems to make more sense to me.  I like that groups can be created and hashtags can be used, it's more organized with it's comments, sharing, and even a "like" button.  But I'm out-numbered here and I will play the Twitter game too.  Plus, Facebook is blocked here at work, but not Twitter.

In my short Twitter life-span so far I have tweeted 163 times, I follow 67, and I have 41 followers.

In the past I have used Twitter for discussion groups of educational books lead by @pamjwilson, I asked questions, offered advice, linked to new blogposts, etc.  Twitter can be an excellent PD tool.  Because of Twitter I learned about, and (BTW I'm still trying to convince my district that I need membership).

Here's my handle, so tweet me maybe:



  1. Nora

    I'm dipping my toes in with this challenge. My main concern about twitter is time and information management. I already feel super challenged by my family life, the job, being a baseball and music fan, etc. I am not at all sure I am prepared to try and sort out the waves of info on twitter.

  2. I agree that Twitter needs to be more organized to be more user-friendly. I hate having to scroll backwards just to follow a conversation. It's so confusing.