Friday, July 19, 2013

Personal Goals Honor Roll

I've been thinking about students taking more initiative when it comes to their learning.  One thing that comes to mind is the honor roll system.  Students make this list based on criteria that someone else sets. What if we were to create a honor roll based on criteria that the students set individually?  Would they feel more ownership?

I like to call it the IG honor roll.  "Individual Goals" honor roll.  It could be based on grades, attendance, or anything measurable and academic.

This is still a messy little thought bouncing around in my head and sometimes it helps to write it all out.
Pardon me while I think aloud:

During the first few days of school I hand out some type of form for students to write their realistic goals for the first quarter.  Maybe they should get two copies of the forms: one to keep and one for me.  At the end of the quarter I will check to see which students achieved their goals and reward them in a manner similar to the traditional honor roll.

I wonder if my principal would be on board with this.  Could I get the names of those students in the newspaper?  What about listing that honor on their report card?  I definitely need a bumper sticker.


  1. I love the idea, especially letting them set their own goals! Have you heard about digital badges? I saw a presentation last fall, and that has been on my brain, but I'm still in the pre-planning stages. Your post was a great reminder for me to get going on the idea, so thanks! (Here's 1 link I had bookmarked about badges:

  2. Sounds cool! I like that this will allow all students the chance to earn an award, not just the typical A students. How will you handle it if students set goals lower than what you know they are capable of achieving?

    I student taught in a school that used Baldrige techniques, which got me started with student goal-setting and self-assessment. I usually have kids set a goal for their test/quiz scores for the marking term and we track each test/quiz for the term to see how they do, but I've never taken it the extra step of rewarding them for meeting their goals.

    Thanks for sharing!