Thursday, May 23, 2013

Senior Pranks

Senior pranks can be tricky.  There is a fine line between being funny and getting in trouble.  Here are my thoughts on what the "rules" should be for senior pranks:

1) It cannot create more work for the staff.  One year, the seniors zip tied all the Freshman lockers shut. Before the students came into the building, the maintenance guys had to cut each and every zip tie.  The Freshman had no idea they had been pranked and the staff had more work to do.

2) No one can get hurt.  What about the time the students thought it would be funny to put vaseline on the floor in the doorways and tie fishing line across?  That got squashed immediately, too many bad things could happen there.  What makes matters worse is that some students couldn't think that far ahead to realize the outcome.

3) Nothing gets damaged.  How about the students who released crickets into the school?  The clean-up costs were expensive.

Here are a few examples of things that the seniors did here that I thought showed creativity, togetherness, and something special about their class.

One year the students got up super early to park their cars in all the faculty spots, so that the teachers had to park in the student lot.  I'm impressed that they got up so early.

Inserting white plastic spoons in the front lawn to spell out YOLO.  Although I'm not a fan of YOLO, it was a harmless idea.  I don't remember who cleaned up all of the spoons.

Setting all their cells phones to make noise at the same time from their lockers.  Annoying but harmless.

What have your seniors done?


  1. Our seniors did a couple of things this year...

    1. At a pre-appointed time between classes, they fell down in the hall and laid there. Apparently they weren't too worried about getting stepped on. I don't think too many kids actually took part; it was not the brightest idea.

    2. We have a courtyard in the middle of our school; on Tuesday the staff arrived to see 4 or 5 tents, lawn chairs, and cornhole boards set out. I thought it was cute, but some of the kids got in trouble for being out there playing when they were supposed to be in class. They cleaned it up at the end of the day.

    I heard several kids talking about the cricket idea (what a mess) or setting loose pigs with numbers written on them (and skipping a number so that people think there's still one missing).

    I was at a school once where they removed furniture from rooms and mixed it all up; that was a major pain.

  2. Ahh... zip tying the lockers. Our seniors did it this year, but thoughtfully. They let the staff cleaning staff know ahead of time and place several scissors at convenient locations so the 7-11th graders could easily cut their locker free. Was totally harmless BECAUSE they were thoughtful about it.

    Last year they filled some admin's offices to the ceiling with balloons which was another good one.

    Fun topic!