Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Home Away From Home - Made 4 Math

This is my Made 4 Math contribution...on a Tuesday.

I've been having this problem.  In the afternoon it is impossible to use my projector because of wall of windows behind it creates this terrible glare.  There are blinds in the window, but they just don't do the job.  I remember complaining to my students about this (or were they complaining to me?) and we all agreed that curtains would do the trick.  Yeah right!  Who is going to install and pay for curtains?  Me that's who, and I'm going broke with the budget cuts to our general supplies.  The students agreed to donate money.  I decided to go as cheap as possible and I would buy tension rods and twin flat sheets and sew the curtains myself.  I priced the materials at Walmart for $7.50 per window, with 10 windows that's a lot of money.  

I put a donation jar out and placed the first dollar in it, and there it sat for weeks, with only a dollar.  *Sigh*

The students said they would buy food if I put some out:

So I did along with some nice mechanical pencils.  That's when the money started rolling in and drum roll please....

Our window treatments:

Not only do they eliminate the glare, but they make the room look so homey and warm.  Other teachers stop and compliment the environment of the room.  And all it took was a few bedsheets.  

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