Sunday, October 7, 2012

Relations and Functions Foldable

Common Core Standard:
A1. - Determine if a relation is a function given a set of points or a graph.

In an effort to teach my students about what makes something a relation or a function, I created this foldable.  It's just a 4-door foldable, glued to an 8.5 x 11 sheet.  

It took us the entire period to create this.  And I feel that students were bored out of their minds.  Does anyone else get that vibe from their students when filling in foldables?  

Anyway, we haven't done anything with it yet, so I'm hoping they see the usefulness of it and aren't so bored the next time we create one.


  1. Try typing in some of the information next time so that you are using it as a guide to teaching but not so much time is spent having them write the information in it. They can "color" code it with their own writing and fill-ins.

  2. How did students know what information to write under the flap? Was this something that was done as a class or on an individual or group basis? If it's the first case, maybe students would be more engaged if they had to figure out each main idea and create their own example. It sounds like a good summarizing activity for this topic.

    1. Anna, I love that idea. We did it together as a class. I didn't see how that was different than just taking notes except the paper had flaps. I think next time I will use your idea to have them figure it out.