Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Survey Posters

First I want to say that this idea was stolen from Square Root of Negative One Teach Math.  So if you steal this idea too, please give her the credit.  

I first wrote about this in this post.

Yesterday was the first student day here at JTHS.  Each class was given their own color sticker.  

You can see that we have a lot of students in our district that lived most of their life somewhere other than Jim Thorpe.  No one from a different country though.  

It never occurred to me that student might put their sticker on a line.  I suppose that's thinking outside the box.    You can see that from this poster to the next, most students want a grade better than they usually get.  

Just look at all those goals of As and Bs!!

Only three people like to ready.  I'm in the minority.

Lots of my students have ambitions for College.

I knew that it would drive me crazy if I didn't remember which class was assigned what color, so I made this key for myself.  

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