Friday, August 10, 2012

My Favorite Friday August 10th (Colleagues)

I know how lucky I am.  I work with the greatest department....ever!  And what a good-looking group of people.  So this week my favorite is my department.  They totally rock!!!

Need a lesson plan idea?  Need to raise money by working at McDonald's for an evening?  Need to sell green pi day t-shirts to raise enough money to attend the annual NCTM conference because there is not enough money in the budget?  Need someone to listen to your personal problems?  Need a ride home because you locked your keys in your car?  Need a night out?  Need advice on anything?  Need someone to take your class so you can go cry your eyes out in the bathroom?  Look no further.  All of these things have happened to me and each and every time they have come through.  

Seriously, these people are not just my co-workers, they are my friends.  I go to work everyday knowing that I'm going to see friendly and supportive faces.  Sure, students can make or break your day but your colleagues can make or break your career.  I love my job and a great deal of the credit goes to the people you see above.  


  1. This is my vote for the "sweetest post of the month"! It sounds like you work with an amazing bunch of people!

  2. I agree with @druinok. What a great tribute to your colleagues! Thanks for sharing, and I'm sure they appreciated the shout-out.