Sunday, August 12, 2012

Made4Math August 13th - INB Line Slider

So, I've been seeing everyone else taking on Interactive Notebooks and I need to get involved.  For all the information I found about INB, what goes in it must be cool.  At least that seems to be a common theme of all my "research".  
Here is my contribution to INBs, Line Slider and y-intercept.

y-intercept Line Slider from Nora Oswald on Vimeo.

You'll need this printout, a 8.5 x 11 piece of card stock, a glue stick, a scissors, and either a ruler or paper cutter.  I prefer the paper cutter and I will cut the card stock for the students before class.  

Let's start with the printout:

Cut out the arrow and "graph" as shown:

Cut the cart stock the long way so that you have two pieces with the dimensions 4.5 x 11 and 4 x 11.
I may do this cutting with the paper cutter and give each student two different colors.  For example I may give a student an orange 4.5 x 11 and a blue 4 x 11.  This way the line is visually different from the background.

Rub glue on the back of the arrow, making sure to get glue to all the edges of the arrow not necessarily the edge of the white paper, and glue to the smaller piece of card stock (4 x 11).

While the glue for the above is drying, place the "graph" piece face down and center the larger piece of card stock on top like this.

Fold the "graph" paper back over the card stock.

Glue the flaps together.

Cut out the arrow.  Flip it over to show the cardstock side.

Glue the arrow to the card stock showing through the graph paper.  The slope of the line does not matter in this activity.  I think it would be great for the students to each have a different slope and see that it does not effect the y-intercept.
*Make sure you only glue to the card stock and not the white paper!!

Glue the back of the "graph" paper (white paper) into the notebook.

Have the students move their line up and down and record the y-intercept.

I found it useful to bend the top and bottom of the card stock so it's easier to hold and slide and also so the card stock doesn't fall out of the notebook.

I came up with this activity so students see how changing the y-intercept of a line changes the graph of a line and vice versa.

I'm thinking next week, I'll have an activity for slope.  Stay tuned!!


  1. Awesome! Just shared this with our 8th grade teachers at my school!

  2. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing! Very cool :)

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  4. I linked to this in the INB Notebook content page in msmathwiki :-) @aanthonya

  5. Wow! This is literally one of the coolest interactive notebook / foldables that I've seen!

  6. I love this. What if you attached the like with a brad to be able to change both slope and y-intercept? Have you tried that already? Regina