Saturday, July 28, 2012

Information Overload!!!

I innocently logged in to check on my blog this morning and was greeted with 4 new posts from my reading list.  Four!!  Typically I see one new post every day or two.  I've been sitting here for a few hours reading, pinning, and head spinning all the information.  I thought I would pass this misery along to my readers.

I have never heard of whiteboarding and was intrigued while reading about it over at Infinite Sums.
I found a nice definition of whiteboarding here.  Check it out.

Then my fellow bloggers had me thinking about the first few days of school.  I know that for most of us, this is already on our minds,  me included.
Here is my post about supplies.
How about a way to seat your students?  Check out a few ideas here.
Want to collect student information?  My Web 2.0 Journey has a suggestion for you.

Did you ever hear of schoology?  Not me.  I read about it in My Web 2.0 Journey's latest post and had to check it out.  It looks like a great concept, but I would love to see my own grade book incorporated.  That's probably asking too much.  For those of you who don't use standards-based grading Schoology is worth looking at.

Want to use interactive notebooks in your classroom?  They seem to be all the rage right now.  I love the concept, but I'm too attached to my 3-ring binder to go to a composition book.  This doesn't mean I can't do an interactive notebook with my students - I can.  I just need to tweak what I already have in place.
I love the idea of students numbering the pages and having a table on contents.
I love that there is a designated place for teacher input and student output.
I plan to give each student a page protector that will hold rules, classroom procedures, contact information, grading policies, etc.  Then let the interaction begin!!!

In addition to feeling the pressure to make something for every Monday (pressure in a good way), now I need to come up with My Favorite Friday.  I better get busy!!!


  1. Supposedly they're trying to find a way to connect Schoology with our online grade book. I'll believe it when I see it! :)


  2. Just read the seating chart article (yes, I should've done that before my previous comment!). Love the ideas there!!