Friday, May 4, 2012

M&Ms Activity and Google Forms

Every year I like to do an activity with M&Ms; such as probability and odds, or percentages.  The sorting of all the classes data is a _itch though.  Then it dawned on me; GOOGLE FORMS!!  Why didn't I think of this before?  

Here's my thought.  Keep in mind, I didn't actually try this with my students yet, and your feedback is appreciated.  

On my class website will be a link to a google form (it looks like a survey) where the students just enter how many of each color M&M they have in their bag.  They go about their activity finding whatever it is that I ask them to find.  

After the students are done with their work, as a class we could take a look at the information and have whatever discussions we need to have.  

Should we try it?

Go buy a bag of plain M&Ms.  I don't care what size.

Click here to review the results.

Don't forget to scroll down in the results to see the pie chart.

Your thoughts and suggestions are always welcome!!

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