Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hey There!

It's time that I actually start my blog.  Well, I did have a blog called Simplifying Radicals, but then I didn't have time for it and stopped blogging for a while.  Now,  I decided to start blogging again and I can't remember the email attached to that blog.  So, here I am with a fresh start and a new blog.

My name is Nora and I am a high school math teacher.  I truly love my job and nothing gets me more excited than a great lesson plan.  Seriously.


  1. I just found your blog via Pinterest tonight and have enjoyed reading your posts! I'm a high school math teacher in Cincinnati and blog over at myweb20journey.blogspot.com. Are you on twitter? If not, you should really think about joining up - there's an awesome group of math teachers on there that make for some amazing PD. (Even Dan Meyer! I was lucky enough to meet him at a conference a year or so ago and was amazed at his height - I'm 5'4" too. :) )

    Anyway, I'm going to keep reading!


    1. Thanks for stopping by. I am on twitter but I need to learn more about what I'm doing on there. I've used it mostly to keep my students and parents informed about things going on in my classroom.
      You teach in Cincinnati? Is your school involved with the PARLO program?

    2. If you'd like to get more involved on twitter, I can give you some names of some great people to follow. I'm @fouss.

      I've never heard of PARLO (just googled it - something to do with STEM?) so I'm guessing no. But for all I know it's something the other hs in my district is doing.