Made 4 Math July 30th

Sticker Survey:

I stole this idea from Square Root of Negative One.

What you see here are posters that will be hanging in my classroom during the first day of school. 
I am teaching 5 sections this year, so these stickers are going to work out perfectly:  One color for each section.  Each student in Period 1 will receive 5 red stickers, Period 2: 5 blue stickers,etc.  One for each of the posters.  I wrote the questions so that the students will only have one answer for question. 

Students walk around the room and place one sticker on each poster to indicate their answer.  No one knows how individuals answered, only how the class answered. 

This will also work out well, since one of the first outcomes I teach in Algebra 1B is probability.  Now we have some data collected that we can analyse!! 

I'm interested to see the different in the grade questions between my Algebra and Pre-Calculus classes.  I will update you with that information when I have it. 

In other news....

I've been reading about all my fellow bloggers being bargain shoppers and decided to jump on that bandwagon - gladly!!

Look what I found in my favorite classroom colors:

Small baskets in traffic light colors!!!!  Oh am I a happy girl.  $0.88 a piece at Walmart.  Score!

I love to give exit tickets.  They truly help me create my lesson plans for the next day.  Sometimes as the students are walking out of class, I instruct them to place their exit ticket on one of three piles; red, yellow, or green.  I like to see how students view their abilities compared to how I view their abilities.  I labeled those piles by writing the words, "red", "yellow", or "green" on a sticky note. No more!  These baskets are taking the place of those sticky notes and will be so much better to collect as the students are walking past the table on the way out of the room.

I almost can't wait for next Monday!!!


  1. Love the posters! I am planning on doing something similar as well. I hope it works out great in my classroom and wish you success as well.

  2. love this and totally using it! i think i will leave a couple of open-ended question posters and let students use their class color marker to respond... like "If math were food, it would be..."

  3. I love the posters! I could totally use this as a data gathering activity for my Stat class too! Thanks so much!

  4. The posters are great, and I just thought of how we could use that for staff development, too! And your color-coordinated baskets for exit tickets are fabulous. I see a trip to Walmart in my future! Thanks for the ideas!


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