Non-Educational Games

You found my non-educational games page.  As you probably noticed, I enjoy creating educational games, but I also enjoy just regular games too.  I want to introduce you to my first published tabletop game, Trailer Trash.

I never had any intentions on designing a non-education game, until I was challenged to do so.  Every once in a while has a contest.  I stumbled upon The Game Crafter when I decided to create and market table-top educational games (faster to create than digital).  This is still my plan mind you.  While I was poking around the site I found a link for contents.  While reading the contest rules, I was thinking, "I can do that."  So I did.  

The contest starts Tuesday, September 8th.  And if you have any Crafter Points I would sure love your vote.  I will update this post with a link to the contest site at that time.  

Here are a few more photos for your viewing pleasure.

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