Keystone Algebra 1 Curriculum

Algebra I Curriculum (to date)

Module 1:

Algebra Fundamentals

Linear Equations

Linear Inequalities

Systems of Linear Equations (Unit Plans)

Systems of Linear Inequalities

Polynomial Expressions

Factor & Simplify Rational Algebraic Expressions

Module 2:

Relations, Functions, Domain, & Range (Unit Plans)
   Review - Digital Escape Room 

Graphing with Tables & Intercepts (Unit Plans)

Slope & Slope-Intercept (Unit Plans)
   Lesson 5 - HOY VUX practice on Kahoot

Write Linear Equations (Unit Plans)
   Practice writing equations - Desmos Activity
   Practice writing equations - Another Desmos Activity
   Writing Linear Equations from Tables  - Another Desmos Activity

Data Displays & Analysis (Unit Plans)
    Lesson 1 - Desmos Activity
    Intro to Lines of Best Fit - Desmos Activity

Probability of Compound Events (Unit Plans)


  1. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great resource! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. This will be a great help to me. I have been putting off crosswalking my new app (I took oldskool Algeba I as my guide and confess I can barely understand CCSS-speak) but everyone seems to want it. You have saved me a to of effort!

    If you care to check the app out you can start here: I am just starting to look for pilot users, so any feedback good or bad is welcome.

    Thx again for the crosswalk.


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