Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Solving Equations Escape Room - Zombies Attack

I sell this escape room on Teachers pay Teachers, but I want to share it will you all for free. 

Click here to get the escape room!

Click here to get the answer key!

Click here to watch a video explanation!

Here is the description that I put on Teachers pay Teachers:

Have your students practice solving multi-step equations the fun way: with an escape room. Don't worry, I know that creating escape rooms can be expensive, but not this one. The only additional items you will need are letter size envelopes and maybe 3 8x10 acrylic frames. 

The story:
Your students are tucked away safely in a compound far away from the zombies. But are they? Turns out the watch tower sees zombies coming from EVERY DIRECTION!! There is no where to run. But then someone from your group remembers that the compound has an underground tunnel that will lead them to safety. The problem? There are three doors along the way and they are all locked. Can your students survive? Will they make it out alive?

For this escape room you will want to break your students into teams of 3-4 survivors each. 

To successfully escape the zombies the students will need to solve:
* Two-Step Equations
* Equations with Combining Like Terms
* Equations with Distributive Property

Materials in Packet:
Envelope covers.
Three hint cards for each group.
Direction cards for each envelope.
Equation cards for each envelope.
Answer Key

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